convergence & connection in 40+ years of wayfinding in the art world


The depth and diversity of experiences afforded me in 40+ years working as an art curator, gallerist, consultant, educator, and advocate, has compelled me to posit questions about how my journey might inspire and inform others seeking a similar path. As I looked back and revisited the seminal exhibitions, pivotal moments and influential individuals I have encountered, I became cognizant of a more sophisticated awareness that has evolved within me and sought to leverage these benefits gleaned from my many years of experience as I endeavored to contextualize the most salient themes and insights that have emerged. This investigation examines and reflects on a rich combination of personal memories, interviews, scholarly publications, photos, press coverage, promotional materials, exhibition announcements, and other ephemera relating to my life journey of wayfinding in the art world. By constructing chronological “mind-maps” on topics including: finding inspiration; the role of gallerist and curator; pivotal exhibitions; influential artists and people; issues and politics specific to time and place; advocacy and activism; rewards and recognition; lessons and insights, I seek to demonstrate the interconnectedness of a field where the rules are often fluid and frequently non-existent. This approach lends itself to this work, the format of which can best be described as part chronological memoir, part case study, and part self-help field guide.

A predominant sentiment that emerged over the course of this project is the immense gratitude I feel for all the people who have crossed my path and enriched my life. First and foremost, I want to thank the creator for these many blessings and for watching over me on my journey and allowing me to continue to learn and grow, and all my relations whose shoulders I stand upon. Thank you to my parents and my siblings for accepting and loving me no matter what, and for instilling in me their intellect, wisdom, sense of humor, and an essential moral compass. Thank you to my sister Julia whose inspiration and financial support made it possible for me to apply myself fully to my academic pursuits. Thank you to my instructors and advisors at IAIA and SFCC, and especially Jessie Ryker-Crawford for her exceptional dedication to her students and for guiding me towards my degree. And finally, a special thank you to Patsy Phillips whose example, encouragement, and sage advice have helped keep me focused these past few years and whose presence in my life has brought me great joy and happiness.

This work is dedicated to all the artists, art handlers, framers, studio managers, and assistants; ateliers, fabricators, collectors, patrons, caterers, gallery crawlers, lawyers, accountants, executors, galleristas, and gallerinas; writers, critics, editors, printers, publishers, designers, and webmasters; directors, curators, conservators, docents, trustees, regents, board members, volunteers, students, educators, fundraisers, and philanthropists; and all the other characters and raconteurs who keep the art world spinning.


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